We’ve had fun so far, we had waves and sun, the no waves and sun, then no waves and no sun, now rain with waves so who knows where we are going next!

Anyway July’s been good with lots familiar faces coming back to the school, to many to mention except maybe the main man George!

Its a funny month because we are really busy with visiting schools and groups as well as local schools and visitors, new ones and regulars, but the team have pulled together and we are now almost at peak peak season this weekend…..

Hoodies and t-shirts for the main season are almost ready and will be on the shelves this weekend, just in the nick of time.

the local school finishing there term surfing this week, but our local Groms club keeps running, on Tuesday, thursday and Sunday afternoons.

Apart from the surf school our latest venture, Dick Pearce and friends the belly boarding company is going well, our first batch should be ready next week and whole sale is going well. We have also commissioned a website for this project as well. Old skool is the new school…..



The Team 2011……….

So here is the news, we seem to update facebook all the time but not the blog, need to work this out…..

Instructors for this year have been the old team, so good having guys on the deck who know exactly whats going on and just pick up from where they left off. Frosty, Obi, Taylor, Nick, Ren are all back in the chair for there 3rd seasons, Nina is back for her second and Ant(new boy is the newest instructor) all over seen by Wigzy, who has been on all year and has been a legend, he is off at the end of August, it will be impossible to replace him…….

Here is a photo of Frosty with Sammy, who did a few weeks work, she is a great instructor and really good fun, but she was offered 2 jobs, one with Adiddas and the other Nike, we just couldn’t compete. We also lost  Josh who also was  a great instructor, he managed to secure a place on a gradute scheme at a local renewable energy company, the job market is tough so you got to take them when they come around, Josh was super keen to teach for the summer , we wish both sammy and Josh loads of luck.

And we have a new hire team with a few old faces, Bobby (tommies brother) runs the hire and has a team under him, Josh, Kila, Angus and Barnaby, so for all your hire needs these are the guys.

Tommy is off this year working out side Polzeath, some times its nice to have break from the bubble, as it can become a bit of a goldfish bowl, i’m sure this is not the last of the longest serving memeber of the team, i only superseed him buy a few weeks!

Obi and Frosty very much in love!!!!!!!!

So there we are the team for 2011 beach side, oh don’t forget Venners are photographer and Mary with her team in the shop.

Oh and one last thing Big Matt, aka the tank is coming back full time to run the show, thats right August will have both Matt and Wigzy running the show while they do a seamless hand over….

Here’s to a good one.

Polzeath events with wavehunters – coppafeel…

Ok so this is it 24th Sept – Boob event polzeath, we are totally behind these girls, epic charity…..http://www.bbc.co.uk/newsbeat/13846740 check out the link!

Longest day of the year – yesterday…

The village had it’s own allien landing yesterday, or some of the mums got up early and did this pretty cool flower to remind everyone that it was the brightest day of the year!

Super cool …….


The oldest and the youngets in the team….looling good girls x

The schools been busy….

We’ve been busy at the school, lots in at the weekend including Sherbourne back again! Today we had St Breward they come every week, they are  a great bunch of kids, today they had a little suprise as my mate from University, Johnny had beed down with his family and his brother brought over a rather smart car!

built in 1924 it still does 70 miles an hour and is one of 2 left in the world, all th kids wanted to know how much it would cost, the answer  TO MUCH!

Thanks to the Odel family………i want one…

Rock Oyster festival

Lots happened this week with the Rock Oyster festival, the weather  forecast was not looking good, but on friday night it opened and lots of kids came to watch the amazing trampoline act, which included juggerling and a lot of tricks! The big day was Saturday and the forecast was worse! But the show must go on and even though it was a little windy when the doors opened people started to come in…..

Here is the Wavehunters stand with a few of the Wavehunters girls practicing for the Indo board challenge…

Scarlet, Mimi and Georgia working it…..

The girls also did a little bit of modeling! Livy looolo, Scarlet, Georgia and Mimmi..

Indo board challenge was a big hit, but because of the weather and the tides, we couldn’t do trips on the paddle boards, fingers crossed for better weather next year….

Anyway even with the wind the saturday was great success, with the sun popping out a few times. There were lots of cool stands including one where you could have little fish eat all the dead skin off your feet!

We had two cool stands either side if us, on our left were the girls from Bude with there rather tasty home made ice cream “straight from the cow to the carton” some one went on a marketing course me thinks; here they are on the indo’s……

and to our right was James and his Mrs with hedgrow frozen yogurt, some were rather alcoholic, i know i tried a lot! The Festival had lots of great food; Burgers tick, Fish tick, Cornish curry tick, ice cream tick! yep i tried them all!

It was a great venue for the day and in the evening it got going! the bands were great the atmosphere was brilliant and Charlie the organiser even smiled!!!!!!!!

Here is a world first Indo boarding and Hoola hoping! Our mate Nicky makes these down in St Merryn and they are really fun, her husband Max is an artist, he brought along some of his amazing art www.whalesongart.com  .

 The Rock Oyster festival was a great success, long may it last, we will defo be there next year.

And finally this chap loved the indo board but we like his safety first approach!